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Our Philosophy

Our philosophy encompasses; Love yourself, love others, love your environment.

What goes around comes around – so we need to take care of and have respect for ourselves, others and our environment. We produce certified organic skin care products that are good for our environment, good for our health, not to mention just gorgeous to use.

Our production facility uses hydro electricity, the cleanest energy available, taking care of our environment and our products are Cruelty Free, which means that no part of our processes includes any testing on animals (only the human variety) We create certified organic products via sustainable farming methods and production processes and contribute to creating a sustainable world.

A wise person once said “it is the responsibility of those of us who are fortunate with wealth, health and abundance to make a difference to those less fortunate. The greater our fortune, the greater our responsibility”. Our Community Programs make a difference to those less fortunate than us in Australia and overseas.

Proceeds from every product sold goes towards a philanthropic project or organisation of choice. We currently support The Hunger Project, which is an organisation that empowers people to create circumstances that eliminate their own hunger. We also support Australian Indigenous Organisations and the Australian National Breast Cancer Foundation.