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Organic Skin Care

The Truth, The Whole Truth and Nothing But the Truth.

The 'Wholesome Truth'

When most people think of organic skin care they think of completely natural skin care products that contain wholesome and pure ingredients. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. Why?

...Because not all organic skin care products are as ‘natural’ as they make out.

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Why use organic skin care?

Our skin is the largest organ of our body. And some experts say, within 20-30 minutes of putting something onto our skin, it can be picked up in the blood stream. So for the sake of having not only healthy skin but being healthy on the inside too, it makes sense to start looking for organic skin care products which don’t contain carcinogenic or synthetic ingredients.

But when it comes to organic skin care, what’s the real deal?

Is it a truly organic skin care product?

You’ll find just because an organic skin care product claims to be ‘organic’, doesn’t mean it is actually is. You’ll still need to check the ingredients. More often than not what you will discover is that there are a few organic ingredients – but (tragically) mixed in with a lot of synthetic ones too.

Cosmetic companies have cottoned on to the shift people are having towards more healthy alternatives like using organic skin care products – which is great. However slapping an organic ingredient into what’s essentially a synthetic product to help pass it off as ‘natural’ organic skin care - isn’t. It might give that cosmetics company the edge in a competitive market place, but does it really benefit the organic conscious consumer? I’d say not - in fact it does just the opposite!

Like myself, you may have already tried searching for organic skin care or products or organic beauty products and found many actually contain a lot of nasty chemicals which are far better off not being put onto your skin. That’s why it helps to have some kind of guiding light to compare apples and oranges with.

The difference between 'organic' and certified organic skin care

Luckily when it comes to organic skin care, there is a way to see whether the organic skin care product you’re using – or thinking of using, falls under the category of Certified Organic Skin Care. This is an official accreditation by an organic standards body.

The standards can vary but a good rule of thumb is a minimum of 70% - 95% certified organic skin care ingredients be present in an organic skin care product.

A product with 98% synthetic ingredients and 2% organic ingredients, not surprisingly, isn’t likely to have any organic certification (for obvious reasons). Sadly however, it can still tout itself as a natural ‘organic skin care’ product.

Australian Certified Organic Skin Care

Australian Certified Organic is one of the highest organic certifications in the world. It requires 95% of organic skin care ingredients to be present.

It’s here where you can trust the comparative difference - because you really start to see the great divide between the wholesome organic truth – and a cosmetic company cashing-in through a synthetic spin.

An ‘organic’ skin care product with 2% organic ingredients, versus an organic skin care product with 95% certified organic skin care ingredients …which would you choose for your health and wellbeing?

f you really care about truly maintaining natural and healthy skin (and a sustainable environment too) it’s a real no brainer.

So next time you’re engaging in your beauty regime be sure to check whether your natural organic skin care products provide you with real organic beauty – on the inside and out.

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