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Integrity Cosmetics organic skincare range is energetically tested using kinesiology. Founder Tracey Thomson worked with a team of kinesiology practitioners to have blind tests conducted to ascertain the calibration of the products and make critical business decisions. Clearly Tracey only wanted to create the best skincare products available, to make a difference to people's health & wellbeing. 

The products calibrate at the level of love on the scale of consciousness created by the late Dr. David R Hawkins. Using Hawkins scale the average Australian, or person living in a first world country calibrates between 250-350 on the scale. One thousand on the scale is the level of enlightenment and 500 is significant as it denotes the level of love.

Considering where the average Australian calibrates on the scale, the products calibrating at the level of Love is significant. Customers often comment that they find themselves feeling, happier, healthier and more peaceful when using the Integrity skincare products. 

The vision for Integrity Cosmetics certified organic skincare range was created in 2008. Now 5 years later, the scale of consciousness is being used by several well known thought leaders including Chirstie Marie Sheldon. Christie is an Intuitive Healer and Medium. She connects to the Infinite realm to shift, change, and transform people’s lives. She has worked with over 20,000 Clients and demonstrates these talents on radio and in seminars. Christie is a huge advocate of the scale of consciousness and supports the level of love or above on the scale.