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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you test on animals?

No we do not do any testing on animals. This includes the production and research phases of producing our products and for every single ingredient included in our products. Integrity Cosmetics skincare products are approved as Cruelty Free by the Australian Cruelty Free Association, which uses the bunny rabbit logo. To use the logo you need to pay thousands of dollars, which we have not yet done.

What is the preservative used in your products?

We use a natural preservative which is citrus based.

Where are the products made?

Our products are produced in Australia with as many local ingredients as possible to minimize our carbon footprint. Some of our ingredients are grown on farms in Tasmania surrounded by National Heritage land which is some of the most pure and pristine country in all of Australia. Farmers use horses to plough the fields for some ingredients versus using modern day machinery powered by gasoline or petrol.

Our production team have been producing natural skincare for nearly 20 years and export products to many countries around the world.

I have very sensitive skin, and get dermatitis/eczema. I have a lot of trouble finding anything I can use on my face. Will I be able to use your products?

We have a number of customers who experience dermatitis or eczema on their face and body. See our testimonials section for specific feedback. Many have provided us with glowing reports, and are thrilled that they have found a product, at long last, that they can use and that eases their symptoms and has the condition disappear.

Obviously everyone is different and your allergy or sensitivity may be different, so you are welcome to try our products and see for yourself if they are suitable for your skin. We have sample sachets of 5ml which you can purchase at minimal cost and we provide a 30 day money back guarantee on all regular size items of 30/50ml products if you find that our products are not suitable for you.

If you are sensitive or allergic to a particular ingredient eg lavendar, you can check the ingredients before purchasing the product to avoid disappoinment.

Terms and Conditions regarding our returns policy are on our website and include returning the products in good condition and your proof of purchase and contact details in order for us to provide you with a refund.

What kind of testing do your products under go?

In the production process our product formulas go through over 50 quality tests including microbiology testing to ensure adequate contaminant levels. Our standard is more stringent than the industry standard allowed and used by other companies.

We also put our formulas through consumer trial tests where women of all ages and skin types test our products and provide us with detailed written feedback. These also include trained professionals including beauticians and naturopaths who endorse our products.

Our products do not undergo any testing on animals and we are endorsed by the Australian Cruelty Free organization which means we can say that "we are Cruelty Free!"

The following professionals have endorsed Integrity Cosmetics Products over the years:

Julie Anne Kelly – Professional Teacher of Beauticians, teacher of skincare professionals in France.

Nicole Tracy – Naturopath and fertility expert, Melbourne, Australia

Stephanie Leishman – Kinesiologist, Victoria, Australia


We also have pages and pages of glowing testimonials, some of which can be found on our website under the testimonials section.

We have tested our products using kinesiology, a form of energetic testing. Kinesiology is typically used by health practitioners including naturopaths, dentists, chiropractors and is a modality in it’s own right with kinesiology becoming a popular career choice as people experience proven results and improvements in their health and well being from the use of kinesiology.

We used a scale from 0-1,000 to calibrate our products, created by the late Dr. David R. Hawkins, from the USA, author of Power vs Force and many other books. Dr. Hawkins was a medical doctor and psychologist.