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Summer Skin Secrets

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With summer here, now's the perfect time to try or top up your supply. Remember, this product contains all natural ingredients. For longest life, store below 28 degrees. On hot days, we suggest popping it in the fridge, which means you'll also enjoy a refreshing, cooling treatment!

Finally, don't leave your Protecting Moisturiser in the car. Extreme heat will force the natural ingredients to separate, making them less effective.

Make Integrity Cosmetics part of your daily skin habit. With our high risk of skin cancer, this product is perfect for ongoing protection.

For more information, please feel free to email, call or visit our website!

Here's a moisturiser that smells good, feels good and helps you to look good.

Enriched with flaxseed oil, aloe vera plus extracts of kelp and chamomile, Protecting Moisturiser feels great, without an oily feeling.

It feeds your skin and protects it from the harsh Australian climate and is suitable for sensitive skin.

Zinc oxide provides natural sun protection.

Protecting moisturiser - $49. ea.

To place an order with Tracey, call 1300 545 769. To purchase on-line, Click here,

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