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How we came to be

Integrity Cosmetics is an Australian owned company, founded by Tracey Thomson; who is passionate about making a difference to people’s health, well being, the environment and the wider community.

How we came to be

Tracey's personal health journey led her to create Integrity Cosmetics' certified organic skincare range. Here is her story:

"I was living and working in London when I was very ill and couldn't get better. On a bad day I would take 8 pain killers to get through a day at work. I loved my job, but no matter how much fun it was, I couldn't ignore the fact that I was so ill. So I found myself a naturopath and she used kinesiology to determine what was going on and immediately advised me to take certain foods out of my diet. I took her advice and within days I was feeling well again. Over the next 6 months I felt better and better. Actually I felt like a million dollars.

When I moved back to Australia I got sick again. I wasn't eating the diet she had prescribed for me and eventually I was diagnosed as Ceoliac and had to take gluten out of my diet. This was a big deal at the time and meant that I had to read every ingredient on every food label. You could say I became obsessed with ingredients through necessity.

I was so impressed with kinesiology and the impact it had on my health and well being. I was fascinated about it's effectiveness. I found a book called Power vs Force by the late Dr. David R Hawkins. He created a scale of consciousness from 0-1,000. You can calibrate anything on the scale using kinesiology. Organic products calibrate higher than non organic products and the level of 500 is significant as it denotes the level of love. Most people on the planet calibrate in the 200's or 300's. I started using kinesiology in my own life on a regular basis.

Then I was in a health food shop one day and saw a book called The Chemical Maze. I bought a copy and went home and started checking my personal care products ingredients. One by one I removed them from my bathroom shelf and binned them as I was horrified to learn about the ingredients they contained and some of the potential side effects including being carcinogenic, impacting developing foetus through to creating itchyness, redness. Some of the ingredients were banned in Canada and the EU, but they were contained in my products!

So began my 6 year journey to replace the products I had binned. I learned a lot about the cosmetics industry and found it really hard to find anything that met my new standards. Mainstream products I found contained petrochemical based ingredients that I no longer wished to use. Natural products usually contained no or little organic ingredients, or they didn't do what I wanted them to do.

Then one day while I was taking time out between jobs, looking for my dream role with the dream company when I friend of mine asked me "how's the job hunting going?". We chatted and in the midst of our chat I had a light bulb moment. "Natural skincare" was what appeared in my head. I said nothing to anybody. The next day the phone rang and opportunities to get involved in the organic skincare indstry started presenting themselves to me. It was quite mirraculous. Hence Integrity Cosmetics was born."

Integrity Cosmetics is a certified organic skin care range. We are proud to be producing an Australian made, certified organic, high quality range of skin care products that are gorgeous to use and good for you! Tracey has created a team of experts to produce these beautiful products including an award winning production team, who have been producing organic skin care for nearly 20 years.

What makes us unique

Our product range is the first energetically tested and aligned certified organic skin care range in the world. We use energetic testing methods such as kinesiology as an integral part of our development process, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself feeling happier, healthier and more peaceful when using our products.

Our Mission Statement

Integrity Cosmetics is a force for humanity, providing global leadership, raising the level of consciousness on the planet. For a more beautiful world.